good eye, fujin name, blades of wind


RAIJIN? you made it out ALIVE right?

SEIFER is SOMEWHERE around here. I lost him in the sea of ANNOYING CHILDREN. I'm about ready to get out of this place.
if only you'd see me, last name, sad, emotionless


I HATE KIDS. Since I got to Balamb I was enlisted into helping Seifer heard around the brats of Garden.

I hear
TREPE and DINCHT is still LOST looking for TILMITT. It's been longer than a month.

...Eh. Enough reflection. I'm being summoned. The brats seem fascinated by me for some reason. It's unnerving.
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good eye, fujin name, blades of wind


I'm NOT AMUSED by the turn of events here. I was staying IN DOLLET... Dollet is not where it usually is. The ocean is different.

I need to get back to Balamb. I was planning to return shortly, to see how Seifer was...

I managed to get ahold of
RAIJIN, in the brief time we spoke, he informed me he was IN ESTHAR. How did he get to Esthar? Ugh. IDIOT. He'll turn up eventually.
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